Umbraco Troubleshooting

As developers, we all hit hurdles from time to time.  This section covers advice and battle proved techniques to help you figure out what’s gone wrong in your website.

Reset Your Umbraco 7 Password Manually via the database

We've all been there, we've set-up a website for the first time, added in the admin details and password, attempt to log-in only to realise you have mistyped the password or just plain forgotten it.  In today's guide, I'm going to cover how you can r[...]

How To Debug Your Umbraco 7 Website

None of us are perfect and when we start building a new website we will create bugs, make mistakes and do some very silly things at times.  In today's guide, I'm going to cover some of the inbuilt tools available to you, as a developer, to make your [...]

Umbraco 'Sections must only appear once per config file' Error

After installing Umbraco, it is likely you might see this error message when you try to load your website: Configuration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Plea[...]

How To Change The Umbraco 7 Admin Url

Security should be the main concern for all web developers.  One of the most common website attacks is the classic brute-force password attack.  A hacker finds the Umbraco admin URL and then runs a dictionary attack trying to get access to the site. [...]

How To Add Log4net and Logging into your Umbraco 7 Website

In software development, no matter how hard you try after you launch a website, bugs occur.  In every build, it is essential to have a good strategy to deal with issues.  Umbraco ships with a great logging package called Log4Net but sometimes you nee[...]

How To Keep Your Umbraco Database Healthy... Clear Umbraco Database Logs

Auditing can be an invaluable tool for any website, being able to know who save what, when people logged in etc.. in Umbraco auditing is done in the database. When you launch your website everything is all brilliant; the skies are blue and the sun's [...]

Umbraco File Upload Maximum Request Length Exceeded Exception When Uploading Files

One annoyance is the default file restriction size. In most instances when a content editor tries to upload a file, like a 14Md PDF they get a 'Maximum request length exceeded.' exception. If this is occurring on your live environment and you have Cu[...]

Helpful Tips to Troubleshooting Umbraco Issues

Hey, finding and fixing bugs usually takes up about 60% of my time on a project. In today's tutorial, I'm going to cover a LIVING list of helpful troubleshooting tips to help you try and identify and resolve any Umbraco issues you might encounter. [...]

Umbraco 7 - Useful SQL Commands

Umbraco provides us with a rich API for dealing with Umbraco content and data. Sometimes for maintenance reasons, or troubleshooting in development it can be useful to query the Umbraco database directly to help figure things out. In today's guide, I[...]

Umbraco MySqlSiteMapProvider Error When Trying To Save And Publish

I recently ran into a very strange issue upgrading an Umbraco 6 website. The server in question ran several websites, one of them being a Wordpress blog and another one of them being an Umbraco site. In order to get Wordpress to work in IIS, the MySq[...]

Issues Encountered Getting A Build Server To Work After Upgrading Umbraco From Version 6 to 7.5

Today's post isn't necessarily about troubleshooting Umbraco in particular, this post is more of an overview of the issues I encountered trying to get a C# Umbraco website up and running with a build server (Cruise Control). Before I tried getting th[...]

How To Debug Your Umbraco Website Using the Health Checker

If you are using Umbraco 7.5+ you can use the 'Health Check' to check that your website is configured correctly.  Historially, to check your Umbraco configuration, you had to manually validate that your web server had the correct configuration.  For [...]

Umbraco : GetRootContent Resolution is not frozen, it is not yet possible to get values from it

If you run into this error, then it's likely that you're trying to do some form of Umbraco API call in application event handler, or, in some custom code outside of the normal route hi-jacking path. The error basically means the Umbraco context hasn'[...]

Umbraco, Unable to publish - String or binary data would be truncated on Saving

This error can be a bit of a school boy error. I've only usually bumped into it when I've been in the midst of a content migration phase and using something like uSIteBuilder. When importing text once in a while I'll see the 'Unable to publish - Stri[...]

Umbraco: Document type inheritance for document type with '' alias, cannot be updated.

If you have read any of my getting started with Umbraco guides, then you'll know that I recommend and favor using strong types objects with Umbraco.  As Umbraco doesn't allow you to work with strongly-typed objects out-of-the-box, you'll need to use [...]

How To Debug Your Umbraco Azure Website When It's Running Slowly

Recently, I've had a few performance issues with my Umbraco website. Like most website issues the issues turned out to be my application, instead of a specific issue within Umbraco.  As you can see from the screenshot below, my Azure hosting was fine[...]

Ultimate Guide To Installing Elmah Within Umbraco

If you haven't come across ELMAH yet, then you should definitely do some research on it.  Elmah provides a nice UI so you can view your server errors from a web page rather than needing to log onto your server and looking within your App_Data folder.[...]

Installing Articulate Causes A NullReferenceException In Umbraco Backend

After installing Articulate on a new project, when I tried to load the 'Settings' section within the Umbraco back-end I start getting this error: Exception Details System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.[...]

Installing Umbraco Forms Causes The Umbraco Backend To Break

Recently I installed Umbraco forms (via NuGet) and immediately after installing it the backend broke... badly.  All the sections in my site vanished and nothing worked anymore, as seen below.  If you have a similar issue then read on as hopefully, th[...]

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