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This episodes question was asked by Vic. Vic wanted to which Umbraco packages I recommended for people new to Umbraco to check out and I have done just that. If you just want to skip straight to the good stuff, you can find my list here: https://o[...]

How To Get An IPublishedContent from a Uid In Umbraco

When working with document types and properties within Umbraco 99% of the time you will be dealing with IPublishedContent and ids.  If you use the Model Builder and you work with properties like a content picker, multi-node tree picker, nest content,[...]

How To Import Languages Using Umbraco

In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with languages in your Umbraco website, all through code.  It is possible to work with languages manually within the Umbraco backend, however, any manual content import can burn a lot of your precious proj[...]
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