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How To Download Umbraco And Install It On Your Computer

Umbraco is a free CMS that is built on top of the Microsoft .NET platform. If you are new to Umbraco then getting it installed on your local development machine is straightforward. Umbraco provides several different methods to download Umbraco. In to[...]

How To Access The Umbraco Login Page

The first things most people will want to do is get their hands dirty with the back-end. If you want to do any sort of content editing, or administration on your website, then you will need to access the Umbraco login page in order to access the site[...]

How To Change The Umbraco Backend Url

In my last post, How To Configure Umbraco To Work In A Load Balanced Environment I discussed in detail about the issues configuring Umbraco in a load balanced environment. One part of this configuration is that the Umbraco backend must only be availa[...]

Setting Up Umbraco To Always Use WWW Links

Over the years, I've been asked frequently by clients, "what is the difference between www vs non-www in terms of Umbraco site URLs?" Most people get confused about which one is 'better' and what strategy they should pick for Umbraco and SEO. In toda[...]

Umbraco 7 - Useful SQL Commands

Umbraco provides us with a rich API for dealing with Umbraco content and data. Sometimes for maintenance reasons, or troubleshooting in development it can be useful to query the Umbraco database directly to help figure things out. In today's guide, I[...]

Umbraco Vs Wordpress - Which One Should You Pick?

If you want to start a new website, but you are still on the fence about the CMS you want to use to build it, then this article was written for you. In this guide, I will compare Umbraco against WordPress to help you make your choice. What is Umbraco[...]

How To Install Umbraco on Shared Hosting

In my last post, How To Host Your Umbraco Websites I covered an affordable way for you to host your Umbraco website, using arvixe. In today's guide, I'm going to cover how to set-up Umbraco with Arvixe. First, open the Arvie portal: Click on d[...]

How To Host Your Umbraco Websites

After playing around and trying out Umbraco for yourself, you will inevitably get to a point where you want to build and host your own website online. In today's guide, I'm going to talk about hosting companies that support Umbraco hosting and go ove[...]
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