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Parsing A Date From Umbraco

This post is a quick reference about how to convert a date from Umbraco and convert it into a C# DateTime when using dynamic binding. When you work with Umbraco, I strongly recommend using a strongly-typed model approach, to learn why, I suggest you [...]

How To Set Up A Custom Lucene Index With Umbraco

Umbraco, like a lot of CMS systems, decided against creating a custom search functionality from scratch, instead, they implement one of the most widely used search providers available, Lucene. Lucene is a really powerful search library that is also s[...]

How To Manually Upgrade The Umbraco Database

A website can be a company's gateway to making sales, generating leads or getting customer engagement. In some companies, zero-time is vital. If the website is down for maintenance while it's being upgraded, it can cost a company hundreds, or even th[...]

What is Umbraco?

What is Umbraco? If you are reading this guide, then I'm taking a wild guess that you have probably been hearing a lot about Umbraco lately. So, what is Umbraco anyway? Umbraco is a tool for creating and running websites. Umbraco makes it super easy [...]

How To Install A Package in Umbraco CMS

Umbraco packages are bits of software that can be uploaded into Umbraco to extend the functionality of your website. Umbraco has a great development community that develops and provides a number of really cool packages for free. The aim of today's gu[...]
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