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How To Get The Home Page In Umbraco?

One common requirement on every Umbraco build is getting a reference to the homepage from your code. In this post I'm going to cover the ways you can acheive that with Umbraco.  There are several ways that you can get a reference to your homepage in [...]

How To Add Your Own Controller and View Model In Umbraco

In my last tutorial, we covered how to get data from Umbraco and display it in Umbraco.  If you are new to Umbraco and you haven't yet read the Umbraco Helper?  then I would head there first. In today's guide, I am going to explain how to create you[...]

What is the Umbraco Helper?

In my last guide, I explained how to create a template in Umbraco.  For a quick re-cap, a template in Umbraco language is similar to a view in MVC, its the basic building block to display HTML and CSS on your Umbraco websites.  I mean, having a blank[...]

How To Create A Custom Template in Umbraco 7 with MVC

Previously, I wrote about 'Document Types' and how to create them in Umbraco, in How To Create A Document Type In Umbraco and create a page with it.  We can create containers that content editors can use to create a hierarchy of pages but, as of yet,[...]

How To Stop Umbraco Automatically Logging You Out

When you start working with Umbraco and start creating some document types and templates, you may be working in Visual Studio for long periods of time.  After you've made your changes and tried logging back into Umbraco 7, you may notice you have bee[...]

Installing Umbraco 7 In Visual Studio Via Nuget

Like the majority of the major CMS's, you can install Umbraco via Nuget.  I've talked previously about How To Install Umbraco 7 In Less Than 5 Minutes and How To Install Umbraco 7 Manually. Installing Umbraco via Nuget means you have all your Visual [...]

Reset Your Umbraco 7 Password Manually via the database

We've all been there, we've set-up a website for the first time, added in the admin details and password, attempt to log-in only to realise you have mistyped the password or just plain forgotten it.  In today's guide, I'm going to cover how you can r[...]

How To Install Umbraco 7 Manually

I've talked previously about how to install Umbraco via the auto installer in, How To Install Umbraco 7 In Less Than 5 Minutes. Sometimes, however, you may want a bit more control over the installation process like configuring IIS or SQL.  In today's[...]

How To Install Umbraco 7 In Less Than 5 Minutes

In today's guide, we're going to cover how to install Umbraco 7.  The process is very straightforward and it should take you less than 5 minutes. The quickest way to install Umbraco if you don't have Visual Studio is via the Microsoft Web Platform I[...]
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