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How To Get Data About Another Page In Umbraco

Last time, I talked about how to get information about the current document type from a controller, or a view in, How To Get The Current Page In Umbraco 7.  Today I'm going to go over how to get data from other document types. Getting Information Ab[...]

How To Get The Current Page In Umbraco 7

On every Umbraco 7 build, you will undoubtedly need to get information about the current page, create a link to the search page, the contact us page. Luckily, Umbraco provides us several API calls to achieve this.  In this guide, I'm going to hopeful[...]

How To Create a Master Template In Umbraco?

When we create any new site, we don't want to have to duplicate the header, footer, includes to the stylesheets and javascript files on every page.  Instead, it is a much better approach to creating a global template that we can easily include in all[...]

How To Use MVC Partials In Umbraco

One of the main benefits of using MVC views is the ability to split functionality up in order to provide greater re-use.  In MVC, we can achieve this re-use by making use of partials.  If you come from a web forms background and you are still new to [...]

How To Create A Basic Navigation Menu In Umbraco 7

Welcome to the fifth part of 'Creating your first Umbraco page'. In the previous steps, we've broken a design into the components that we'll need to create in Umbraco, we created a master layout, a header, and a footer, and we've added properties int[...]

How To Get The Home Page In Umbraco?

One common requirement on every Umbraco build is getting a reference to the homepage from your code. In this post I'm going to cover the ways you can acheive that with Umbraco.  There are several ways that you can get a reference to your homepage in [...]

How To Add Your Own Controller and View Model In Umbraco

In my last tutorial, we covered how to get data from Umbraco and display it in Umbraco.  If you are new to Umbraco and you haven't yet read the Umbraco Helper?  then I would head there first. In today's guide, I am going to explain how to create y[...]

What is the Umbraco Helper?

In my last guide, I explained how to create a template in Umbraco.  For a quick re-cap, a template in Umbraco language is similar to a view in MVC, its the basic building block to display HTML and CSS on your Umbraco websites.  I mean, having a blank[...]
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