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Ultimate Guide To Installing Elmah Within Umbraco

If you haven't come across ELMAH yet, then you should definitely do some research on it.  Elmah provides a nice UI so you can view your server errors from a web page rather than needing to log onto your server and looking within your App_Data folder.[...]

How To Rebuild Your Umbraco Examine Indexes

The default search provider that comes with Umbraco is called Examine.  Under the hood, Examine uses a very popular search engine called Lucene.  Out of the box, Lucene is configured to index all of your Umbraco pages and then when your website loads[...]

How To Create A Breadcrumb Using Umbraco CMS

Breadcrumbs help your visitors understand where they are on your website and, more importantly, how they can get back to previous pages.  Some people love breadcrumbs, some hate them, but they do help keep your visitors on your site.   Luckily, crea[...]

How To Make Sure Your Images Are Web Appropriate

A very common mistake that lot of new content editors make is to upload inappropriately large images into Umbraco. The aim of this article is to explain why inappropriately large images are bad and what you can do to upload web appropriate images ins[...]

How To Ensure Your Facebook Shares Look The Business

In 2010, Facebook introduced Open Graph.  Open Graph designs a set of meta-tags that you can add into the <head> part of your webpage that will tell Facebook (and now other social media sites) what title, description and image to use when shari[...]

How To Get An Image Url From It's Umbraco Id

If you use the Umbraco media picker within any of your document types to allow an editor to choose an image, when you come to render the image you may notice that the media picker only stores the id of the media item, not the Url. In your views/view [...]

Where Are Media Files Stored In My Umbraco Website?

A common question by people new to Umbraco is, where are my media and images stored?  THe quick and simple answer to this question, is within the /media folder of your webroot, like so: As media is stored directly on the server, depending on the imp[...]
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