Tips To Becoming A Rockstar Umbraco Developer


I've been working on CMS projects for over a decade and besides from being old, in that time I've worked with some bad developers, some good developers and a handful of rockstars. When I first started my career, I thought that being a rockstar developer was just some magic ability that some developers were simply born with. After reading a book called Bounce, a book that explains that if you’ve ever wondered what makes a champion, that success is less having some special genetic super-power and more practice. 

In this episode, I cover some tips that will hopefully get you on your way to becoming a rockstar Umbraco developer.

Jon D Jones

Software Architect, Programmer and Technologist Jon Jones is founder and CEO of London-based tech firm Digital Prompt. He has been working in the field for nearly a decade, specializing in new technologies and technical solution research in the web business. A passionate blogger by heart , speaker & consultant from England.. always on the hunt for the next challenge

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