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Hi, my name is Jon and I’m the founder of Digital Prompt. I started Digital Prompt in 2011 as I wanted to create an environment that really focused on creating elegant and easy to use designs with cutting edge technology for people who really care about what they do. Trying to describe what we do is tough as we specialize in building websites, content management systems and mobile applications but we also do a whole lot more. We build solutions that you can trust, using engaging digital innovations sprinkled with our unique style of originality, we don’t follow pre-formatted designs and processes, we create our own.

Have You Got Questions... That's Very Normal

As soon as we know exactly what you want we can send you a quote.  For new clients, we only accept projects that are at least 4 hours long.

The length of a project depends on what you want us to build. The first step in the process is to understand exactly what you want. After that, we can tell you how long your project might take and how much it will cost. Projects we usually work on can range from a few hours to several months.

That's up to you, we are more than happy to provide ongoing maintenance and support if required. If you want to manage your website yourself we will show you everything you need to update the site yourself.

Short answer, yes. We do and can support code that has been written by other firms, however, before we agree to manage your project, we would need to look at the code first.

We integrate all our websites using a CMS. This means after we have designed and built your website you will be able to update your website content yourself if you require.

Avoiding a lot of the myths about SEO one of the most important parts of getting good traffic to your site is having great content and knowing how to market your website with the right keywords. If you want to target a particular keyword or improve your sales then we can help you monitor your websites statistics and create a set of tangible tests that will help you reach your goals.

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