Who Is Jon D Jones?

Welcome to JonDJones.com, I'm Jon and I make websites for a living.  My background in computing started when I was around 7 coding on a BBC Micro, following magazine scripts to create very basic games I could play.  Playing computer games was fun, however, I never really thought I'd do computing as a career.  When I was 18  I made a very bad and failed attempt to become a world-famous DJ and with no oother options, getting a degree in I.T. sounded like a sensible fallback plan.

University went pretty well, I graduate top of my class with a 1st class degree.  On my last day of uni, a lecturer told the class about a job going making websites, I thought it sounded fun, applied and got the job.

I really enjoyed my first few years doing actual coding, however, after about 5 or so, I started questioning my career choice.  In the few companies I had worked, office politics seemed to play a bigger part of being successful

Instead of quitting development, around 2012, I decided to try working for myself, rather than other people and I made a decision, which at the time was pretty scary to try and make it by being self-employeed.  

I've been self-employeed ever since, so I've spent more of my career working for myself than I have been an employee.   It wasn't until I took responsibility for my career that things really changed for me in terms of me really focusing on honing my craft and finding a deeper motivation to help people make better digital products.

After starting my own business, I thought a great way to promote myself was to start a website, which has evovled over many years into the thing you are now reading.  2013.  Over time it has grown to be something a lot larger and a lot bigger than just myself.  

This site has received over 1,500,000 million pages view and on a monthly basis about 18 thousnad unique visitors, find benefit from the tutorials I have written.  I never really considered myself a writer, but, now it is definitly something that I love.  


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Fancy A Chat?
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