• In this section, you will learn about best practices, tips, and actionable advice about how you can write well-crafted and testable code with C#.


    🚀 Tips For Writing Better C# Code 🚀 🚀 Code Reviews 🚀 🚀 Stylecop 🚀

  • It's not uncommon for developers to think of DevOps as simply infrastructure and hosting, this thinking is wrong.  DevOps covers a lot of areas and there's a whole job segment that needs talented and experienced .NET developers to help move a companies infrastructure into the cloud, help set-up the continuous integration pipeline and help set-up the correct telemetry within the codebase to ensure that the right event is being monitored. 

    This section doesn't cover everything DevOps, I'm not a Linux guy and I don't know bash!  I have set-up a lot of pipelines over my careers for various clients.  In this section, you will learn why DevOps is so important.  You will also find practical tutorials tailored that will explain some of the options you have available to you in the .NET world, like team city, octopus deploy, VSTS, Azure and AWS.


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  • In this section, you will learn about different tools that will help you either create, debug, maintain, or otherwise support website development. Most developer tools have terrible documentation. It is not uncommon that you need to spend a good few hours figuring out how a particular library should work.


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  • At the beginning of every new project, some bright spark will say 'this new website it should load quickly'. At this point, you should walk over to said person and slap them. Trust me on this, everyone will have a different definition of how 'quick' quick is.

    Before you start looking at anything, I suggest you agree on an actual metric that's acceptable to everyone. If you’ve never heard of Jakob Neilsen, he’s the granddaddy UX guru.  In his research, he found that the bounce rate of people leaving your website dramatically increases over 3 seconds.  The longer people have to wait for a page to load the higher the change that they will give up on you.

    If people are leaving your website, you will lose out in sales, you can destroy the brand reputation and all that hard effort you put into your website is wasted. Speed matters.  Ideally, you want every page to your website to load in under one second. Life will go on if your pages load in under 3. Anything longer and you need to make changes today.


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  • This section explains how to write unit tests using .NET. Tests are essential in asserting that the actual system works as expected. These assertions must all pass, or the unit test will fail.


    🚀 Dependency Injection 🚀 🚀 NUnit 🚀 🚀 Mocking 🚀 🚀 Fluent Assertions 🚀 🚀 Autofixture 🚀 🚀 Misc Unit Testing Snippets 🚀 🚀 Acceptance Tests in C# 🚀