In today's episode, I give an update report on my progress of becoming a super awesome full stack dev. Last year I struggled to find the motivation to learn one new language, however, in the last few months I've learned two... so what changed?

After learning to react, it was really easy and simple to find the motivation and learn node. Learning a new Javascript framework became less daunting, I'd developed the habit of spending some time each day learning something new (instead of writing)

This got me thinking about how many things I've failed to learn in my life, guitar, driving for years. After some soul searching I came to the conclusion that one of the biggest things that stopped me learning, was the preconceived pressure I put on myself of needing to become an instant expert, rather than just focusing on learning. This issue is known as perfectionism.

To get a better understanding of, I bought, How to Be an Imperfectionist, which if you haven't read and you're struggling to find the motivation to learn how to code, or you keep putting off learning that new language, I recommend you check out.

In this episode, I talk about how I overcame these issues, so hopefully, someone out there doesn't fall into the same traps!