CSS is the coloring programming language of the web development community.  CSS is the language that makes the website look cool and helps entice users to stay on your site, buy your products and help a business reach its targets.

I started learning CSS 5-6 years ago.  I was working on a project where we needed to create a responsive website using Bootstrap.  What should have been a few days worth of work, wasn't completed three weeks later.  Not only that, the grid didn't work, there were thousands of lines of unneeded CSS and it was left to me to fix it.

When I started out with CSS, I thought it was simple and I didn't bother really understanding how it worked, the theory.  I got things working by hacking classes, adding random declarations to selectors until the thing on the screen made the people who paid my wage happy.

As the years have passed, I've had more and more clients ask me to do more and more front-end.  As someone who hates to turn down money, over a period of many years now spent a lot of time learning more about CSS, design and all things front-end.

I've come from a backend development mindset, rather than a design mindset.  I've done technical architecture for large enterprise so the tutorials you will find in this section will be based on helping you to understand the technical how's of CSS.