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Over the years I have poured hundreds of hours into this website.  In 2011 when I started this website, Stackoverflow was only just starting out and the amount of information you could find about some of the CMS systems I used to use like IMmediacy and Alerian CMS we're pretty much non-existence.

Over the years this website has had a lot of transformations.  In its first iteration, this website was a single static HTML file, that looked terrible.  When I started writing tutorials, that turned into a Wordpress site.  As more and more people started using this site and suddenly a shared hosting Wordpress site wasn't good enough, pages were starting to take 10 seconds, the sie was being hacked every other week, so eventual things I bite the bullet, paid for proper hosting, ported the site to Umbraco and things has continued to expand since then.

As the website has grown, costs have also grown.  The tutorials and information on this site has and always will be completely free.  Hosting the site is not free. 

As a return of investment, I get a steady stream of freelance offers from this site, but that’s nothing compared to the time and energy I put into it.  I really keep this site running as I enjoy making other peoples lives more productive by not having to go through the same trial and error approaches that I had to.

Sometimes I wonder how much easier it would be to quit, but then I'll get a comment, or, an email from a reader that encourages me to keep going. I think it applies to everything in life: people have a big impact on this when they cheer you up.

If you appreciate what I am doing, there are several ways to support me. If you like the content on my website and other projects I create, you can consider one of the following ways to support me with my adventure.

Buy A Book

I am starting to dedicate more time to writing educational books, as I personally find reading books the quickest way to grasp new concepts.  I recently released Episerver The Missing Manual on leanpub.  Like most things I do, I'm writing the book in a very iterative manner, publish early and often.  A few people have already purchased the book which I'm amzingly grateful for.. legends!

The book is already had many revisions.  It's not yet finished but if you want to help please consider purchasing a copy.  You can pay as little $4.99.  This will go up after the book has been finished.

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I run a Patreon account where you can back me up. Your monthly pledge would help me to sustain my work in educating people. Most of the time, I do it for free by writing tutorials, or open-source project. Patreon is the perfect fit for people like me.

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I run a youtube channel which I'd also love to grow.  If you want to ask me any question, ask anything through the contact form and I'll answer your question there.

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I am also grateful for every share on social media of my articles. When you read an article or watch a video you like, please don’t hesitate to share it. I am always eager to keep the quality of my articles on a high level and I always try my best to keep the content up to date. But it’s not only for me: There might be a follower of yours who finds it interesting too.


If you've visited this website frequently, you may notice spelling is not my strong-point.  I was diagnosed with a spelling disorder when I was 10 but I've never let that stop me writing.  If you stop any typos on the site, please tell me, in a comment, or an email.  I really appreciate the help!  If you want to make any PRS on my open-source projects on my GitHub account, like the #ILOVEJS#ILoveEpi, #ILoveInterviews, #ILoveUmbraco, PR away!

You can also submit a guest blog post. Do you have your own website? Do you write quality content? Do you want to get more readers to your website? My website generates lots of traffic. You can help a lot of people in your topic of choice by teaching them. A guest blog post that links to your website is a great contribution. It has to relate to my content though.

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All donations really do help motivate me to write better quality article and to keep them up to date.