Episerver Deployments

How To Set-up Your Episerver Project To Work With Different Developer Config Files

On most Episerver builds, you will be working within a team of developers. There are a number of different ways on how to structure your Episerver deployment process. In some scenarios, having a shared database works really well, in some instances, y[...]

4 Points You Should Consider Before Using Octopus With Episerver

Adding continuous deployment into your workflow is an essential step for any professional organization. Depending on the level of the technical ability of a client, the first process improvement I've seen to introduce for clients is the ability to au[...]

Useful Powershell Snippets When Implmenting A Continuous Deployment Process With Octopus Within Episerver

This post is a quick reference sheet for some useful powershell scripts I've used in the past. These scripts are all designed to help you to pragmatically update your config files using powershell. I fully admit the contents of this post won't be for[...]

The Unofficial Guide To Episerver Licensing - Traditional Vs Cloud

Licensing has become an increasingly difficult topic.  With the growing departure of hosting web applications in a traditional server-based model, into the cloud, what used to be a pretty simple conversation about the number of licenses you need has [...]

How The Episerver 'Installation' And 'Update' Powershell Functions Work Under Da Hood

Recently I've been working with a client to improve their continuous integration process, using TeamCity and Octopus.  As part of this process, I started looking at how we could copy our SQL changes.  If you've read, How To Create A New Episerver Dat[...]

How To Export Episerver Database Update Patches To Use Within Your Build Process

This is a follow-on post from, How The Episerver 'Installation' And 'Update' Powershell Functions Work Under Da Hood that will allow you to run the Episerver SQL update scripts from your build server.  Episerver provides two useful PowerShell functio[...]

C# App That Will Wipe Your Episerver Database and Re-install It

Recently, I've been working with a client who decided to use DXC for their Episerver hosting option.  For those of you who haven't bumped into DXC yet, you can read a little bit more about it here.  As part of the client's continuous integration and [...]

How To Activate An Episerver Cloud License

When you're deploying Episerver it is very likely that you'll also need to deploy a license file with the files.  The standard Iaas (infrastructure as a service)/ on-prem license is pretty simple.  Make sure that the license file is included with you[...]

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