Episerver Multilingual Websites

This section explains how to set-up Episerver to work with multiple languages.

Episerver 7 - Creating A Language Cookie And Ensuring The Page Uses It

In today's guide I will cover how to set-up a website to run in a multi-lingual environment. Step One - Creating A Default Language Cookie In MVC we can use a global ActionFilter to ensure certain functionality is triggered when a user navigates to[...]

EPiServer 7 : An Alternative EPiServer Multi-Lingual Approach

I think most developers know how the multi-language feature of EPiServer works,  In the admin you define the languages you want in the site, for each property you add the '[CultureSpecific(true)]' attribute to the properties to specify the property t[...]

How To Find The Current Users Country using GeoLocation In EPiServer

When you install the EPiServer, if you look in your App_data folder you should see a file called GeoLiteCity.dat. This file is a IP geolocation database created by a company called MaxMind.  This means you can get the current user's IP address and ge[...]

Creating A Multi Language Picker In Episerver

In my previous tutorial I wrote about How to enable multi-languages within your website. Today I'm going to talk to you through how to create a language picker so your website users can swap languages. Determining Languages In your code, you can al[...]

How To Get The Episerver Pages Current Language

This article will hopefully be short and sweet.  If you're building a multi-language Episerver website, there will be times when you need to do things like creating URLs to pages within, or, linking to assets like images.  When you enable a different[...]

How To Use The LanguageBranchRepository To Enable/Disable Your Episervers Website In Code

When you work on a multiple language website, you will have to enable/disable the languages that your website supports.  If you have read my guide on enabling languages within Episerver, How To Enable Multiple Languages In Your Episerver Website then[...]

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