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How To Ensure Your Facebook Shares Look The Business

In 2010, Facebook introduced Open Graph.  Open Graph designs a set of meta-tags that you can add into the <head> part of your webpage that will tell Facebook (and now other social media sites) what title, description and image to use when shari[...]

How To Get An Image Url From It's Umbraco Id

If you use the Umbraco media picker within any of your document types to allow an editor to choose an image, when you come to render the image you may notice that the media picker only stores the id of the media item, not the Url. In your views/view [...]

Where Are Media Files Stored In My Umbraco Website?

A common question by people new to Umbraco is, where are my media and images stored?  THe quick and simple answer to this question, is within the /media folder of your webroot, like so: As media is stored directly on the server, depending on the impo[...]

How To Delete A Member From Umbraco

In this post, I'm going to explain how you can delete users from Umbraco. The Difference Between Users and Members When we work with Umbraco, we deal with two types of users.  You have the users who can access the Umbraco backend, as the people in yo[...]

How To Delete A User From Umbraco

In today's guide, I'm going to talk about how to disable/delete an Umbraco User (backend Umbraco editor user) from the system. Deleting Or Disabling A User   A very frequent cause of confusion for Umbraco users, is the ability to delete users from Um[...]

How To Remove The Trailing Slash in Umbraco

A big part of building a successful website is optimizing and tweaking your site to work with Google in the best possible manner.  One of Google's ranking factors is having unique URLs for your web pages. In Google's terms, this URL[...]

How To Intergrate Hangfire Into The Umbraco Backend

Often on a website build, you'll need a way to manage background tasks.  When you need to do things like scheduling orders, sending emails, refreshing data from an external feed, then you'll need a way to call code on a frequent basis.   In the old d[...]

How To Get A List Of Unpublished Pages in Umbraco

When content editors are adding content within Umbraco, they might not always want to instantly publish every page to the website straightaway.  You can do this by setting a pages publish date to a future date, as described in How To Unpublish a Page[...]

How To Check That A Page Contains A Property

Often when working within Umbraco, you will work need to work with content and the IContent objects.  When you work with IContent you don't necessarily know the document type you are working with.  If you try and use GetValue() and the property doesn[...]
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