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How To Intergrate Hangfire Into The Umbraco Backend

Often on a website build, you'll need a way to manage background tasks.  When you need to do things like scheduling orders, sending emails, refreshing data from an external feed, then you'll need a way to call code on a frequent basis.   In the old d[...]

How To Get A List Of Unpublished Pages in Umbraco

When content editors are adding content within Umbraco, they might not always want to instantly publish every page to the website straightaway.  You can do this by setting a pages publish date to a future date, as described in How To Unpublish a Page[...]

How To Check That A Page Contains A Property

Often when working within Umbraco, you will work need to work with content and the IContent objects.  When you work with IContent you don't necessarily know the document type you are working with.  If you try and use GetValue() and the property doesn[...]

How To Get A Property From An Umbraco Content Page

An Umbraco website, like any website, is made up of a collection of pages.  In Umbraco, each different type of page is defined by creating a corresponding document type within Umbraco.  To display a page created by a content editor within Umbraco on [...]

How To Display An MVC View In The Umbraco Backend

It is a fairly common requirement on a project to extend the Umbraco backend and display one or more custom pages.  You may need to implement a custom content approval page, you might be trying to create a custom pack, a URL rewrite page, etc.. the l[...]

How To Import A Wordpress Post Into Umbraco

This code snippet will read in a Wordpress XML export file and import it into Umbraco. using System; using System.Xml; using Umbraco.Core; namespace JonDJones.Core.Controllers.Controllers { public class PostImporter { publ[...]

How To Display Data From A Web API With Umbraco

Are you worried about falling behind the curve when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest client-side Javascript framework?  Over the past few weeks, I've been interviewing people for a front-end role. One interesting pattern that emerged wa[...]
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