This article contains a state of react.js in 2021. In it, you will find a useful mind-map that lists the most popular react frameworks used today and a giant list of links to everything listed. This mind-map will give you a high-level overview of pretty much everything you need to have awareness of in order to become a react.js pro in 2021 😋

React Roadmap 2021

NOTE: This mindmap is available to download from this repo, ILoveProductivity and #ILoveReact .

UI Frameworks

Why re-invent the wheel, when you can accelerate your development with code that another developer has already written. These packages will help you build your UI quicker:


These tools will allow you to ensure you are writing high-quality code that adheres to good coding standards:


These packages will help you to test your code. To help ensure that your code does what it is intended to, try them out:

Unit Tests

These packages can be used to help ensure that your project is production-ready. When combined, these packages will help you to optimally install, compile and bundle your code:

Package Manager

These packages will allow you to manage and host your react.js powered application:

Service Mesh

The remaining tools and utilities to help ae shown below: