This React 2021 Roadmap and the giant list of links to all the packages will give you a high-level overview of pretty much everything you need to have awareness of in order to become a react.js pro in 2021. This roadmap is also available to view/download from #ILoveReact my starter kit of people wanting to learn react.js:

React Roadmap 2021

UI Frameworks

Why re-invent the wheel and building something from scratch when you can accelerate your development with code that another developer has already build This list starts with all the packages you can use to accelerate your applications UI:


These tools will allow you to ensure you are writing high-quality code that adhere to good coding standards:


These tools will allow you to unit test your project to ensure it does what it meant to:

Unit Tests

These tools will help you to compile and bundle your project-up so you can release your project into production optimally:

Package Manager

These packages and services will allow you to host your react.js application so actual real-life people can reach your application:

Service Mesh

The remaining tools and utilities to help that will help you with react.js application development: