One of the compelling reasons to use a dynamic content-driven web platform like Episerver over a classic static HTML site, is being able to deliver targeted content for your website visitors. One way Episerver allows you to do this is via a thing called Visitor Groups. In today's guide, we are going to talk about Visitor groups, how content editors can set them up and configure them and how they can be used to create personalized content for your website.

What is a Visitor Group?

A Visitor group is a sub-set of your websites visitors that have been bundled up based on one or more rules that a content editor or site administrators has created within EPiServer. Out of the box EPiServer provides a lot of rules for selecting and filtering your groups, some of these include:

  • A group of people from a certain country or town
  • How many times they have visited your site
  • The URL they came from
  • The time

If you use Episerver commerce, you also have access to a number of features to help you convert your customers into buyers with things like:

  • If they have visited a specific page
  • How many times they have visited your site
  • How much have they spent
  • If someone has a product in their basket

Creating A Visitor Group

Creating a visitor group is a pretty painless experience, in the CMS go to the visitor group tab:


From this screen you can create your custom visitor groups by dragging a selection of pre-set criterias into the visitor group, like so:


How To Apply Your Visitor Group To Your Content

After you have created a visitor group, you can then apply it to a page or block within a content area, to target what your website audience will see. To apply a visitor group you can use the 'Personalize' option.


In this example, I'm adding a visitor group on a block within a content area. On the right hand side of the block, click the options burger menu and select 'Personalize'



As we've covered, setting up some basic visitor groups is a pretty easy task that anyone with a basic familiarity of the Episerver CMS can set-up. Using the built-in criteria's, no development effort is required to set one up.