In this tutorial, you will learn about visitor groups and how you can use them to apply personalisation within your Episerver CMS-powered website. You will learn how to set one up within the CMS and configure it, f this sounds interesting to you, read on 🔥🔥🔥

One of the compelling reasons to use a dynamic content-driven CMS like Episerver is to be able to deliver targeted content for your website visitors. Episerver allows this via a thing called a Visitor Group. The term, visitor group is unique to Episerver. The term is the English translation for a Swedish phrase 🤔

What is a Visitor Group?

A visitor group is a sub-set of your website audience. A visitor group can also be known as a segment. A group is defined by a content editor within Episerver. Out-of-the-box, Episerver provides a lot of rules for selecting and defining these groups, some of these include:

  • By country, town or IP range
  • How many times they have visited your site
  • The URL they came from- The time

If you use Episerver Commerce, you also have access to a number of commerce-related filters to build visitor groups from. These include:

  • How much have they spent
  • Has a product in their basket- Abandoned cart

The takeaway is that if you want to create segments within your Episerver CMS out-of-the-box, you will need to learn how to use visitor groups 💥

Creating A Visitor Group

Creating a visitor group is a pretty painless experience and is done within the CMS. To create a new segment, open the editor and go to the visitor group tab:

What Is A Episerver Visitor Group 1

From this screen, you can create a new visitor group. You can build the rules by dragging a selection of pre-set criteria into the visitor group, like so:

What Is A Episerver Visitor Group 2

How To Apply Your Visitor Group To Your Content

After you have created a visitor group, you can apply that group to either a page or block. This will then restrict what audience will see that content. To apply a group to some content, use the Personalize option:

What Is A Episerver Visitor Group 3

In this example, I'm adding a visitor group on a block within a content area. To do this, on the right-hand side of the content area, click the options burger menu and select 'Personalize'

What Is A Episerver Visitor Group 4

You have now added personalisation to your website. It really is that simple 💥

Setting up some basic segmentation/visitor groups within an Episerver website is a pretty easy task. Anyone with a basic familiarity with Episerver CMS can do this. Using the built-in criteria's, no development effort is required to set one up. Happy Coding 🤘