To log support issues with Sitecore you need to meet a few criteria:

  • A valid Sitecore developer account to log into the portal
  • A valid Sitecore project with a current license

If you meet these criteria, you can then head over to and use your Sitecore log-in credentials to log-in.


The Sitecore support portal is pretty easy to use. Click the Add button to get going. One thing to note that is a bit user unfriendly, is the process to add attachments. On the right-hand side, there's a sidebar that's hidden by default. To add an attachment you need to expand it out, select attachments:


To log a support ticket is pretty straight-forward. You'll need your license Id, which you can find by opening up your license.xml file, and searching for the 'signedlicense' node


When you log a Sitecore support ticket you need to provide configuration details about your installation, otherwise, you will waste time to'ing and fro'ing with Sitecore. Sitecore makes this process really easy by providing a download you can run against your Sitecore instance. You can get a copy of the Sitecore Support Package Generator here.

If you don't fancy installing a program you can read How to collect basic information about your Sitecore installation but it will require more effort. After you have created a ticket, your ticket will be assigned a priority level. Based on your support contract and the severity of the issue depends on the SLA that support will get back to you.

For a non-critical, medium priority expect up to 2 days for a response. You can see what sort of timeframes you can expect to get an answer to here. This can be one of the most frustrating parts of working with Sitecore as other companies generally have a quicker turnaround. The hosting company for this blog, for example, has an SLA of around 30 minutes for any issue I log, compare that to the 3 days it can take if you fail to provide the right information in your first email and you can quickly lose a few days being stuck waiting for help.

It's these reasons that sometimes it is quicker and easier to ask the forums instead here. On the forums, you might get an answer to your problem within 30 minutes so it's always worth asking in both mediums to increase your chance of getting support.

Uploading Big Files

If you need to upload supporting files with your ticket, then you may need to use the Sitecore FTP area. A great guide on how to do this can be found, here. A quick overview of the process is:

  • FTP to, no username or password needed
  • Change the folder location on the Sitecore server to /Upload/
  • Upload your files


In today's post, I've provided the unofficial Sitecore support guide, that will hopefully speed up your item in getting your issues resolved. Sitecore provides a lot of information about this process and it is really well documented but knowing exactly what you need to provide will speed up your response.