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How To Install Sitecore 9

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Sitecore 9 on your local PC.  In terms of installing Sitecore, version 9 is completely different than other versions.  Gone are the days running the Sitecore installer.  In version 9, you will be using [...]

How To Easily Create A Blog Within Umbraco

In today's episode, you will learn about an amazing Umbraco package that will allow you to quickly set-up and create a blog within Umbraco, Why to write all the code to add a blog within your Umbraco website when you don't need to? The package in qu[...]

How To Unit Test Your Hangfire Tasks

On most tutorials you come across that involve Hangfire, most will use a static Hangfire API.  Most tutorials also add tasks into Hangfire as static classes.  If you love TDD and you want to make your codebase as testable as possible, then read on. [...]

Setting Up Structure Map With Hangfire

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use dependency injection with Hangfire. Having high test coverage within your code should be your aim. This article assumes that you have the following packages installed within your project: Hangfire Hang[...]

How to Make Social Media Work as a Startup

Success on social media is the dream of many companies, small and large. It can also be quite difficult for a startup just starting out. After all, gone are the days when a hashtag and a wish could send you viral in a heartbeat. The way that people [...]
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