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40 Essential Tools For .NET Developers

I've been meaning to publish this for ages, so after nearly a year of planning...... Software Resharper : Simply the best .NET tool... FACT. Try it once and you'll never go back. Son Of Obsidian : Cool Visual Studio theme that will help reduce eye [...]

Episerver 6 - PageTypeBuilder Reference Cheat Sheet

On a day-to-day basis, I have to create a lot of different page types.  I always forget the names of the properties I need or the syntax, so I've created this quick reference sheet filled with quick code snippets. [PageType( Name = "New [...]

Episerver : Creating An Admin Image Picker

Tutorial time again!  I've recently had a mini nightmare trying to create an image picker in the Admin.  I spent a few hours searching around the web but I couldn't see any nice and easy EPi-plugins to use (everything was editor based) .  After a bit[...]

Creating Your Own Custom Dynamic Property Settings Form

We had a requirement for a user to be able to dynamically add different 'things' to a page; think of things such as a contact detail from an address book or business locations.  The tricky part of the problem was that these 'things' had to be able to[...]

EPiServer : Epi-find Vs Google Site Search

Our client presented us with a requirement to improve the search on their website; specifically they wanted predictive search and a 'did you mean' feature in their main site search.  After some initial investigation, I ruled out trying to develop a c[...]

EPiServer : Getting a Page from an Id

Epi Server 7 var pageId = 1; var pageRef = new PageReference(pageId); var contentRepository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IContentRepository>(); var page = contentRepository.Get<[...]
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