Customising Umbraco UI

How To Create a custom section in Umbraco 7

Customising the Umbraco back-end may be necessary on a lot of projects; maybe the client has a back-end service they need to integrate, or requires some custom business logic.  In most circumstances, to achieve this you will need to create a custom s[...]

How To Display An MVC View In The Umbraco Backend

It is a fairly common requirement on a project to extend the Umbraco backend and display one or more custom pages.  You may need to implement a custom content approval page, you might be trying to create a custom pack, a URL rewrite page, etc.. the l[...]

How To Get A List Of Unpublished Pages in Umbraco

When content editors are adding content within Umbraco, they might not always want to instantly publish every page to the website straightaway.  You can do this by setting a pages publish date to a future date, as described in How To Unpublish a Page[...]

How To Use Your Own Custom CSS Styles In The Umbraco Backend

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can inject your own custom stylesheets and Javascript files into the Umbraco back office.  Hopefully, you will never need to do this, however, if you have an issue with a custom package and you can't wait for [...]

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