Umbraco API Explained

There are a number of different APIs that developers can use to integrate with Umbraco, however, it is sometimes  difficult to know what each API is for and when to use it.  Almost every page within your Umbraco site will need to get data from Umbraco, so understanding what’s available to you, how to get and store data from Umbraco is a vital part of any project.  Most of the APIs are based on accessing data from Umbraco.

Umbraco 7 API Basics Introduction

In today's guide, I'm going to cover some of the basic Umbraco APi calls that you will need when you start working with Umbraco. This post is meant to be a quick reference guide to frequently used Umbraco queries. If you have any to add please leave [...]

What is the Umbraco Helper?

In my last guide, I explained how to create a template in Umbraco.  For a quick re-cap, a template in Umbraco language is similar to a view in MVC, its the basic building block to display HTML and CSS on your Umbraco websites.  I mean, having a blank[...]

How To Get The Home Page In Umbraco?

One common requirement on every Umbraco build is getting a reference to the homepage from your code. In this post I'm going to cover the ways you can acheive that with Umbraco.  There are several ways that you can get a reference to your homepage in [...]

How To Get The Current Page In Umbraco 7

On every Umbraco 7 build, you will undoubtedly need to get information about the current page, create a link to the search page, the contact us page. Luckily, Umbraco provides us several API calls to achieve this.  In this guide, I'm going to hopeful[...]

How To Get A Property From An Umbraco Content Page

An Umbraco website, like any website, is made up of a collection of pages.  In Umbraco, each different type of page is defined by creating a corresponding document type within Umbraco.  To display a page created by a content editor within Umbraco on [...]

How To Get Data About Another Page In Umbraco

Last time, I talked about how to get information about the current document type from a controller, or a view in, How To Get The Current Page In Umbraco 7.  Today I'm going to go over how to get data from other document types. Getting Information Ab[...]

UmbracoHelper Vs ContentTypeService

Umbraco has several useful APIs and one common misconception is when to use the UmbracoHelper, compared to the ContentTypeService. If you look at the constructor of the Umbraco Helper, it takes an UmbracoContext as a parameter and this is when the fi[...]

Umbraco: How To Get The Url From An IContent

This is a quick post for those of you struggling to figure out how to get the URL for a page within Umbraco by code. Figuring out the friendly Url is something that you will need to do sooner rather than later when you're creating a website. You'll o[...]

How To Display Media In Your Umbraco Site

Displaying images on a website is a key aspect on any build.  Luckily, Umbraco provides us with all the properties required to allow a content editor to attach images to a document type, as well as the API methods to display them. Media Picker The [...]

Parsing A Date From Umbraco

This post is a quick reference about how to convert a date from Umbraco and convert it into a C# DateTime when using dynamic binding. When you work with Umbraco, I strongly recommend using a strongly-typed model approach, to learn why, I suggest you [...]

How To Check That A Page Contains A Property

Often when working within Umbraco, you will work need to work with content and the IContent objects.  When you work with IContent you don't necessarily know the document type you are working with.  If you try and use GetValue() and the property doesn[...]

How To Get The User Who Published Or Created A Page In Umbraco?

In today's tutorial, I'm going to explain how to use the Umbraco API to get the name of the person who created/updated a page you want to query within Umbraco. Some examples of why you might want the author's name might include when you're creating a[...]

How To Get An Image Url From It's Umbraco Id

If you use the Umbraco media picker within any of your document types to allow an editor to choose an image, when you come to render the image you may notice that the media picker only stores the id of the media item, not the Url. In your views/view [...]

How To Create A Page Programmatically In Code Within Umbraco

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and publish a page using code with Umbraco CMS. Most pages within your Umbraco website will be created by a content editor.  This is fine for ad-hoc pages, but, let's say you're in the middle of a conten[...]

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