In this tutorial, you will learn about some of the different Umbraco API that you will need to know about in order to build a website using Umbraco CMS. This post is meant to be a quick reference guide to frequently used Umbraco queries. If you have any to add please leave a comment.

How To Get The Current Page Id

There are several ways to get the current page ID, directly from the context:

Within the view you would add:

After you get the current page Id, you will probably want to get a copy of the current document. To remind you, the document type is used when you want to get the data stored against a document type inside the database. A node, on the other hand, will return the data which has been published and cached. So, to get the current document we use:

To get the current Node, we use:

Now if you are using a Surface Controller, you can make life a little easier, by using:

How To Get The Current Pages Document Type in Umbraco

To get the current pages document type, you can use:

How To Get All Siblings from the Current Page

If you want to get all of the current page siblings in Razor we can use:

How To Get All Children from the Current Page