In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix this exception, 'Virtual path to protected packages is invalid buring a commerce V8 upgrade. When we recently upgraded our site to Episerver Commerce Manager V8, whenever we tried to view commerce manager this error was being thrown:

Upgrading To Episerver Commerce 8 1

Fixing the issue is simple enough. You will need to remove all references to EPiServer.Packaging.dll and EPiServer.Packaging.UI.dll from your commerce project. Before undertaking these steps I recommend that you make a backup of the site and a file copy of anything you delete. You may need to install a brand new version of commerce just to get the DLL's back, so be warned 😊

Steps To Fix The Virtual Path Exception

Within your commerce project, follow these steps to remove these references:

  • Remove the files within the modules_protected folder

Upgrading To Episerver Commerce 8 2

  • Remove the references from the Visual Studio project

Upgrading To Episerver Commerce 8 3

  • Build the solution and check both the DLL's had been removed from the bin folder

Doing this should fix your issue 💥. If this does not work, I recommend trying the advice here. Happy Coding 🤘