In this tutorial, you will learn how to determine where a sites VPP images are stored. Recently I had a few problems with the VPP folder for one of my clients. The server was set up in a staging/live environment. We were using a program called SugarSync to make sure the VPP folders mirrored each other on each server. We had an issue with the sync and some of the files were copied and some were not. In order to double-check which files had been copied successfully, I needed a way to map a files virtual path into its actual file location on the server.

Within Episerver I couldn't find an easy of finding this mapping, so I created a quick admin plug-in. The plug-in is available from GitHub and can be easily added to a project. The code is shown below. as its an admin plug-in, its a web forms control. Eww. First, the web view file looks like this:

The code-behind looks like this:

To make the code above work in your project, update the path value to map to the location on your project where you add the corresponding aspx file. Afterwards, you can view the plug-in to get a list of all the images on your website You can also download this code here. Thanks David Knipe for the initial code.

Happy Coding 🤘