In this tutorial you will learn how to create a custom Dashboard within Episerver 11. Dashboards can be really usefult if you want to create your own bespoke admin area for a client. Luckily getting one up and running is very simple. First, you will need to create a controller to expose the page. This controller can be a normal MVC controller. Remeber, when working with normal MVC controllers you may need to update the route file, more information here.

Within the view folder, you will need to add the HTML to make the Episerver global nav work and all the Episerver styling. This looks like this:

To make the menu appear within the CMS you finally need to register a menu provider, like so:

In the dashboard, it is possible to block access to the dashboard down by role. In the snippet above I have locked the dashbaord down all content editors who are either admins or have the 'CustomRole' role assigned to them. Enjoy!