In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix the ClientResources\ClientResources\packages.config error. On my current project, after pulling the latest code from the master branch, the following error was thrown when I tried logging into the Episerver editor 😅😅😅


After some head-scratching, I figured out the issue was due to the location of the VPP folder. To fix the issue, first, check the folder location within your sites config file is pointing to the correct area on your PC or server where the VPP folder is located. To find this path, within EpiserverFramework.config, scroll to the bottom of the file and within the appData section look for the path value. Make sure that the path is pointing to the VPP folder. Copy and paste the folder in Windows Explorer just to double-check. When you open the folder you should see folders and a file called packages.config

If you have forgotten to make a copy of the VPP folder on that server, copy the site VPP folder from either the UAT environment or the production environment to the broken system. You will also need to perform an IISReset before the site will pick up the changes. I also recommend cleaning the machines local temp .net files. I use a tool called unlocker to do this as IIS will lock the files oitherwise. After doing this, your site should now load. Happy Coding 🤘