This is another simple and easy guide for people like me, who can never remember the correct URL. Logging a ticket with Episerver DXC's managed services team is pretty easy. You can log tickets via the online portal here:

When you sign up with DXC you should have been given one (or more) support accounts. If you haven't got one of these, ask your account director to hook you up 😈😈

Logging A Ticket With The DXC Service Desk 1

The portal's login page should look something like this. One thing to note, the portal doesn't have a forgotten password feature, so if you forget your password, it's a little more complicated than clicking a resend password reminder, so make sure you use something you won't forget! Otherwise, make sure you have the support number to hand 🤪🤪

Logging a ticket is as simple as clicking the New Service Request button and creating a new ticket.

 2Logging A Ticket With The DXC Service Desk

Someone from Episerver will usually get back to you within 24 hours of raising a support ticket, however, I have found that it can take 3-4 days to get a request to be actioned after raising a ticket. In the beginning, when you're setting up DXC, I would definitely factor this turnaround time into your planning. After you raise a ticket, you will get an auto-response email. From that point forward you can manage your ticket via your inbox, rather than needing to go into the portal again. Simples! Happy Coding 🤘