This post is aimed at content editors who want to know how to log into Sitecore CMS. If you want to do any sort of web page creation, content editing, or administration on your website, you will need to access the Sitecore dashboard. Logging into the Sitecore dashboard is easy. Read on to learn how 😜

Sitecore Login

To access the Sitecore dashboard add /sitecore to the end of your website's URL, like so:

Only authorised content editors can access the dashboard. The first time you try to access the dashboard, you will be redirected to the Sitecore login page:


Enter your Sitecore username and your password. If you do not have one ask your IT team. If you are trying to access a brand new Sitecore instance, you can try the default username and password. Try admin for the username and b for the password:


After that, you should be logged in to Sitecore! Happy Coding 🤘