In today's guide, I'm going to quickly cover what the link database is and how to re-build it. When doing any sort of major Sitecore upgrade, rebuilding the links database is an important step, so it's useful to know how to do it.

What Is The Sitecore Link Database?

Sitecore maintains a list of links used on the site. These links are stored in the 'Links' table. named Links in the database.

How Do I Rebuild the Link Database?

Go to the Sitecore desktop:


On the desktop click the 'Start' Button -> 'Control Panel':


From the 'Control Panel' select 'Database':


On the database control panel dialog, select 'Rebuild the link database':


Select the database you want to re-build, 'master' and 'core' usually, then select 'Rebuild' and sit back and wait:


Depending on the size of your Sitecore database, this can take a while. Eventually, you should see the success message: