I’m guessing that there are probably two types of people reading this blog post. The ones who’ve heard about Sitecore and would like to know a little bit more about it and those ones who have just started a new job or contract for a company and have been asked by someone to install it.

The People Who Are Here Who Don’t Work At A Company Who Have Sitecore

I’m sorry to say, but getting into Sitecore is pretty painful for the average Joe developer. To install Sitecore, the first thing you will need to do is get a copy of the Sitecore installer. All Sitecore downloads are available from the Sitecore portal. To get access to the download section within the portal you need to become a Sitecore certified professional by passing the Sitecore training. As with all CMS certification, the cost of the training is something like 1k+.

After the training, you will get access to the Sitecore downloads section… however, as you will quickly find when you run the installer… you don’t get a license included with your certification. As Sitecore does not provide any type of evaluation version or development license, unlike some of the other CMS solutions, getting a copy working on your home laptop isn’t really viable. In order to get a Sitecore license, you need to buy a license yourself or work for a company that has a license.

A license cost can start around 40k+, so for our average Joe developer that’s never going to happen. So, for those readers who are here out of interest, I’m sorry to say the only way you can play around with Sitecore is to get a job with a partner or a Sitecore client. For a lot of developers, these two hurdles create too big a hurdle to be able to break it into the Sitecore market. As a .NET CMS contractor, I also suffer the same problem.

If I work on a rival CMS platform like Episerver or Umbraco for a year, then getting back into Sitecore is difficult. If a new version has come out, the only way to start playing around with it is to get a contract with a client and partner. So for those of you here don’t have access to a license and an installer, then I’d recommend you don’t carry on reading this tutorial.. sorry! If you are in this scenario and you want to learn a CMS then I would recommend that you go through the Umbraco tutorials above.