Sitecore Marketers Guide

Technology has changed business and how we work.  No matter which industry you're in, you have to accept this fact.  My background is marketing, but, even a simple search on Amazon reveals a plethora of book about it.  The role of marketing has changed completely over the past few years. Historically, TV, Radio and print were the main ways to get a share a message with your customer.  Now website, mobile apps, social media, video and who knows what else needs to be thought of. The aim of this guide is to help people from the marketing department to help leverage their CMS systems to help get their messages to their audience. 

15 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website In 10 Seconds

Have you ever wondered why some people leave your website so quickly?  Just because you spend time and money building a website doesn't mean anyone is going to visit it, let alone stick around long enough to read anything.  It’s not easy to continual[...]

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Sitecore CMS

A common question I frequently get asked by marketing and business folk involves upgrading. Anyone who has worked with a CMS system for a long period of time will usually have a horror story about an upgrade; the upgrade might have been promised to t[...]

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