When you build a new website the first thing you will want to do is to create a start page/home page.  This is the first page that will be displayed when a website visitor browses to your site.  If you use one of the sample sites then the homepage is automatically created for you. In today's guide, I'm going to cover how you can manually set a page.

Creating The Homepage

The first thing we need to do is create a page under the main content root in the Umbraco content section in the back-end:


In this guide, I'm going to use a page called 'Homepage' that is of type 'HomepageDocumentType'. Next right click on the page and find the 'Culture and Hostnames'


Next, click the 'Add New Domain' button.


In the 'Domain' box you need to add in the Url you use to access your website.  In my example, I'm using IIS express so I've added http://localhost:2459/ in.  If you are unsure about this value, think of the names you've added in your hostname section for an internal Url for your development environment, or your websites live URL etc for the production environment.  You can add as many as you want. Next click save and you're done. If you already had a home page set-up then follow the same steps as above except this time, remove everything from you hosts section.


Setting the start page in Umbraco 7 is very straightforward and can be done by anyone with access to the Umbraco backend. On the page, you want to set as your homepage you simply add in your web domains hostnames and Umbraco will do the rest.