When you start working with Umbraco and start creating some document types and templates, you may be working in Visual Studio for long periods of time.  After you've made your changes and tried logging back into Umbraco 7, you may notice you have been automatically logged out.

In production, this is useful for security. As a developer it is very annoying.  To get around this feature you can open up your web.config and find the 'umbracoTimeOutInMinutes' setting in your App Settings.  In here you should see an entry like this:

Change this value to an extreme number and after you save your web.config, you should never be annoyed by this 'feature' again.  Doing this however, may cause you some performance issues if you keep the page open and Umbraco constantly checks.  I've also found that sometimes the timeout value can be ignored.  For these reasons, in your development environment, I recommend additionally enabling the keepUserLoggedIn setting. You will find this setting in Configs/umbracoSettings.config around line 60.

Change the keepUserLoggedIn from false to true.  More information about umbracoSettings can be found here.


In today's guide, we've covered how to stop you from automatically being logged out, as long as you are running Umbraco.