In this tutorial, you will learn how to extend the default timeout period within Umbraco CMS. When you start working with Umbraco, after a certain amount of inactivity the CMS will auto-log you out. This can be really annoying for content editors. Imagine if you are researching a topic for a blog post. When I perform research for a blog post, I frequently spend 10-20 minutes browsing other websites looking for information. Imagine every time you want to update an article with some new insights, every 5 minutes you have to log back into the CMS. In production, a low timeout period is useful for security. When writing code on your local PC, it is very annoying. Eww 😞.

It is possible to extend this timeout period and within this tutorial, you will learn how you can configure your CMS to extend the timeout 🔥🔥🔥

To change the default timeout setting, open the web.config and find an option called umbracoTimeOutInMinutes within app settings. The entry should look like this:

Change the value or keepUserLoggedIn to an extremely high number and then save the web.config. This simple settings tweak should prevent you from being logged out so frequently. Within your development environment, I also recommend enabling the keepUserLoggedIn option. You can update this value on line 60 within this file:


Change keepUserLoggedIn from false to true. More information about umbracoSettings can be found here. After you apply these two tweaks, you should be able to work within Umbraco with a much longer inactive period before you get logged out, nice 😊

You now know how to prevent the editor from logging you out so quickly. Use this knowledge wisely. Happy Coding 🤘