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My Popular Links From My Newsletter

As developers, I'm sure we can all appreciate how much it can feel like a chore to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest releases within the industry.  Instead of having to check millions of websites, I always dreamed of getting sent a list of 4-5 links to the most interesting stuff every week to make life easier.  I never found a newsletter that was really tailored to the things I was into, so I decided to create my own newsletter.  To kick this list off things off, I am going to list the most clicked-on articles from my newsletter in 2022.  Out of the 250-odd links I've shared these are the most clicked on:

My Most Watched Videos

Things I'm Most Proud Of

First, is everyone who comments, watches a video and buys any of my things. Without the support, I would have stopped making videos by now.  If you want to support time, remember to smash the subscribe button and hit that like butts

  • Contentful The Missing Manual: Next, is my in progress project, Contentful the missing manual.¬† Currently,¬†it is about 160 pages long.¬† It is looking good.¬† If you want to learn how to build¬†a headless¬†website, including things¬†like patterns, and content modelling.¬† You will learn a lot from this book.¬† Buying it now not only supports me keep this site running but it is also discounted so you can get it for cheap now!

  • Umbraco .NET Core Mastery: If you are a Umrbaco developer, I also created umbraco .et core.¬† This book has sold pretty well this year and it was trending at number 2 on Leanpubs C# books on Leanpub for a few months.¬† This book¬†covered everything¬†you need to know in order to build a website using .net 6, 7 and Umbraco 9, 10, or 11.

Best Books of 2022

This year I've read just over 30 books. This has been a combination of Audible and reading.  Out of these books. these are the books that really stuck out for me:

  • Unfair Advantage by Robert Kiyosaki: This is a book by the author who wrote Rich Dad/Poort dad. ¬†Unfair Advantage is another one of this finance book and¬†unlike any I've come across. ¬†I wish I had read and understood these lessons a few years ago. ¬†As developers, we often get paid a little more, which means you will have money left over at the end of the month. ¬†Read t

  • Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson: This is an adventrefantasy book. ¬†The story is based around a young slave girl who finds outs she can burn different metals to get different abilities. ¬†I don't want to ruin the book but she ends up gaining lots of powers and the book finishes in an epic fight against a god-type being. ¬†If you enjoy adventures like Lord of the Rings or The Game of thrones, you will probably like this. ¬†This author also did the Stormlight series. ¬†That series is EPIC, however, at 45 hours per book with 5 books it is very long. ¬†Mistborn is more manageable at about 25 hours per book!

  • Die with Zero: Getting All You Can from Your Money and Your Life by Bill Perkins: This is another finance book, with a twist. ¬†The premise of this book is that for anyone to live an optimal life you should die with zero, or close to zero. At the end of your life, if you still have things that you always wanted to do and you also have money left over, you failed. ¬†Die with zero is a different take on how you think about money. ¬†Some points that are discussed include spending more money when you are growing your career, and understanding that you spend less money when in your 80s than you do in your 70s and so on. ¬†Based on all of these factors, you can then make a plan to make sure you have enough money to live, as well as make sure you spend the most amount possible to reach maximum life enjoyment!

  • [Greenlights by Micheal Mccnolloy](Matthew McConaughey): ¬†This book was written by the actor and came out last year. At first, I wasn't interested in another actor's book, however, it has been listed in the Audible charts all year and lots of people rave and big it up. After listening to it, I enjoyed it. it is about his life and learning about personal development along the way.

Favourite YouTube Channels

  • Codie Sanchez: This is a channel about starting a boring business. ¬†Starting a brick-and-mortar business is something that I ¬†would like to do in the future. This channel has helped me inspiration on what type of business I would start. ¬†Cody interview all types of people who are making a killing doing this like a car wash, or pool cleaning business. ¬†Did I also mention Cody is la multi-million who runs 50-plus videos? Your next idea to make money doesn't need to be a SAASS tool after all!

  • Retro Rick - I got into this channel recently. ¬†If you like the 90s and vintage gaming you will like it. ¬†I tend to put this channel on in the background when I'm writing or coding. ¬†He creates videos about his shop and buying stuff from flea markets. You can pout it on in the background and not watch every second, which I like

  • [Simon Wison] - Simon is a travel blogger who takes on interesting quests. ¬†In previous years, he's done quests like travel cost-to-coat in America with no money. ¬†This year's challenges included 7 continents in 7 days and watching each game in the world cup in that country

    • FilmBooth: This channel helps creators create better quality Youtube videos. ¬†The premise for growing your channel is about making good content. Making a good video is about good story telling, research, thumbnails, etc... ¬†The editing and storytelling in these videos are really interesting.

    • Hunters and unicorns: This will be a niche channel for developers that work in sales. This channel is a collection of interviews with people within the industry that share their insights and tips about how to run successful demos and sales companies.

    • FinancialEducation - In this channel Jermey releases a 29-30 minute daily taking¬†about his trades, and what he thinks the might market do.¬† I do not recommend that most people get into individual stock investing, however, I have learnt a bunch about valuations, reading company reports, and understanding how someone who does stock investing for a living goes about things.

Best TV and Movies of2022

Until next year. Happy Coding ūü§ė