Hi, I’m Jon. I’m an award-winning full-stack C# and JAVASCRIPT developer, writer and vlogger, based in London.My background in computing started when I was around 7 coding on a BBC Micro, following magazine scripts to create very basic games I could play.  Playing computer games was fun, however, I never really thought I'd do computing as a career.  When I was 18  I made a very bad and failed attempt to become a world-famous DJ and with no other options, getting a degree in I.T. sounded like a sensible fallback plan.

University went pretty well, I graduated top of my class with a 1st class degree.  On my last day of uni, a lecturer told the class I was in about a job making websites for a company 10 minutes up the road.  I thought it sounded fun, applied and got the job and my life making e-commerce and CMS websites for large household brands was born.

I really enjoyed my first few years of learning about the job and building things.  After a while, I started to feel a little jaded about my career choice.  In the few companies I had worked, office politics seemed to play a bigger part of being successful and rising to the top rather than being able to focus on working with someone to help them build something they were happy with.Instead of quitting development, around 2012, I decided to try working for myself.  At the time this was a pretty scary decision.  No one I knew was really doing it, but, I thought i would give it a shot and see what happened.  I made that decision over a decade now.   

It wasn't until I took responsibility for my career that things really changed for me in terms of me really focusing on honing my craft and finding a deeper motivation to help people make better digital products.After starting my own business, I thought a great way to promote myself was to start a website, which has evolved over many years into this website you are now reading.  Over time it has grown to be something a lot larger and a lot bigger than just myself.  This site has now received over 2 million pages of view and on a monthly, around 18 thousand unique visitors, and benefit from the tutorials I have written.  I never really considered myself a writer, but, now it is definitely something that I love.  

Asides, from writing I also love reading.  You can find a list of the books that I have read here.  I am a very open book so if you have any questions feel free to ping me a message using the contact page.  I do reply to all genuine requests.  I also run a youtube channel here, where I share my thoughts and answer any questions people who use this site have.