This guide will give a high-level overview of the state of JAMStack and MACH in 2021. The terms, JAMStack (Javascript, API-first and Markup) and MACH (Micro-services, API, Cloud native, headless) describe a new way for building websites and apps. JAMstack is not about one specific technology, instead, a JAMStack website is built from a range of products. This combination of tools combined should deliver better performance, higher security, lower infrastructure costs. This guide will give you an easy reference to learn and explorer more about these tools: JAMStack Ecosystem 2021 Mindmap

This mindmap is available to download from this repo ILoveProductivity.


An API-first CMSs, server content via an API. These SAAS options mean you do not need to think about infrastructure, hosting, or patching your CMS ever again!

Self Hosted Headless CMS

Need to host a CMS on your own server? These self-hosted CMS systems are your best options:

Git-based Headless CMS

In a Git-based CMS, content changes are pushed to a Git repository. This update triggers a new build of your site

Static Site Generators

Static site generators can be used to turn to combine an application and a headless CMS into a static-site. This is desirable as it will create extremely fast pages with minimal security concerns!


Buy and sell products form within your website:


Allow site users to search for content and products in your site:


Create custom experiences on your website on a per user basis:


Tools to help you create pprivate areas in your website:

DAM - Digital Asset Manager

Tools that can be used to manage media, images, and video on a website:

Marketing Related Activities

Tools to create forms and emailing campaigns:


The rest of the tools go here: