In the tutorial, You will learn how to manually trigger an Epifind index refresh. A forced index will allow any content additions that you have made to become indexable within Find. If you are new to EpiFind I suggest you read, How To Setup EpiFind For the First Time. After installing EpiFind for the first time, none of your website content will have been indexed:


To manually force EpiFind to index your website's content, go to the scheduled tasks section in your Episerver editors Admin UI:


In here, you should see a scheduled task called EPiServer Find Content Indexing Job. Click on it and a new screen will appear. From this screen, click the 'Start Manually' button and sit back and wait for the job to finish.


When we go back to the 'Overview' section in EpiFind your new content should now be indexed. Remember, to keep the scheduled task enable and to set it to schedule at least once every hour. Happy Coding 🤘