EpiFind can be a great option if you have aspirations of creating an all singing and dancing search provider in your project. For development purposes anyone can create a free EpiFind index very quickly. In today's post, I'm briefly going to talk you through how you can do this:

Create an EpiFind Account

First, you will need to navigate to find.episerver.com


Click on the 'Sign up for a developer index' button.


Fill in your log-in credentials, or create a new account and follow the details.


Click 'Create Developer Service'


Add in your 'Index name', the languages that you will want to index and sell your soul by clicking at the T&C's. Note, you will need to verify your account's email address before you are allowed to do this.


After creating your index, you will be presented with everything you need to get started with Find. First, you will get your publish and private URLs. You will also get the web.config configuration code to configure your Episerver project with Find. In my next guide, I'll detail how you can set-up EpiFind in your project.