In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Episerver Find and get it running within your website. If you are new to Episerver and you do not fully understand the search options available to you yet then I suggest you read, Review Of The Different Search Providers Available To Use On Your Episerver Project.  

Setting Up An Index

As EpiFind is a SAS product you do not physically need to store anything locally. Instead, you will need to create a cloud account is to create a free dev account.  To learn how to create an account you can use How To Set-Up A New Episerver Find index in Less Than 5 Minutes.

Enabling EpiFind in your web.config

After you create an account and a Find index, at the end of the process you'll be given access to some configuration similar to this:

Install the Episerver.Find.Cms Package


Open your Nuget Package Manager, right click on solutions 'Manage Nuget Packages', make sure you use the Episerver Nuget feed. If you haven't bumped into the Epi Nuget feed, read this, How To Install Episerver 7.5 Using the New Visual Studio Extension.

Enabling Find In The Episerver Backend

Before you can see EpiFnd, you will need to configure Episerver to display it. In your web.config (or potentially in episerver.config for legacy solutions), you should see a '' section, in here you will need to add this config:

So the complete config section should now look something like this:

Now compile your website and open your Episerver backend.