If you want to learn about Umbraco V9 and how to build a website in Umbraco and ASP.CORE, this is the page for you πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.

In this ultimate guide, you will find links to videos, books, articles and tutorials. Pretty much anything of value that is related to Umbraco v9 can be found here πŸ’₯

πŸ“Ή Umbraco V9 Video Series

I have created a FREE series on how to build a website using Umbraco V9. This series covers pretty much everything you need to go from newbie to Umbraco mastery. Did I mention is all free!

I have also released a YouTube series on Umbraco V8 development. This series contains lots of useful tips that can still be used within a Umbraco v9 build. You can learn more about this series here

πŸ“– Book

  • Umbraco ASP.NET 5 Mastery by JonDJones: Learn how to build a Umbraco powered website using Umbraco v9 and upwards! This book is currently a work in progress. I would assume it will be 100% complete around June 2022 time. Buy a prerelease copy at a discount rate and get instant access to the book while it is being updated!

πŸ’½ Code

If you are like me, I learn by reading code. Below lists links to repositories and starter-kits will help you learn v9 like a BOSS:

πŸ“¦Umbraco V9 Packages

One of the great things about Umbraco is all the free community plug-ins that you can take advantage of. Packages that I recommend you check out include:

πŸ“– Umbraco Resources

A list of official Umbraco documentation to help you learn more about this fantastic CMS:

πŸ”— Useful Blog Posts & Ralted Links

Below is a list of tutorials that I think will help you on your Umbraco mastery journey:

▢️ Umbraco Related YouTube Channels

Perfer learning about Umbraco via videos, use these resources instead:

πŸ˜„ Meets-Ups & Festivals

Happy Coding 🀘