Do you sometimes get lonely when coding? Do you code and love Tamagotchi or just animals in general? If so vscode-pets is here to save the day!!!!! Read on to learn how you can add your very own furry friend inside of your VS-Code today 🔥🔥🔥

In today's article, we will review, Vscode-pets by Anthony Shaw. This VS-Code extension offers a unique way to customize your environment by either adding 1 of 12 types of animals. Animals you can add include the classics like cats, dogs, birds, etc... You can also add Rocky a Rock, Clippy an animated paper clip, and even Totoro from Studio Ghibli fame.


Installing this extension takes minutes via the marketplace, simply search for vscode-pets. Once installed you can then configure the extension from the VS-Code settings which you can access like this:


From this settings page, you can configure how your new pet will look and behave, by changing these options:

  • Pet Color
  • Pet Size
  • Pet Type
  • Position
  • Theme
  • Throw Ball With Mouse

You can configure where you want your pet to appear, either within the Explorer tab or within its own Panel. One important part of your pet maintenance is creating and deleting your pets. You can do this from the Taskbar icon, you can also create and delete pets via the command pallet with these commands:

  • Pet Coding: Delete All Pets
  • Pet Coding: Start Pet Coding Session

In terms of pets, you are free to create as many different types of pets as you like. By default you can play with your pet by clicking on it, however, you can configure the extension of you can throw a ball and play fetch with your brand-new chum!

After installing the extension, you can learn more about what you can do with your new pet over at the official docs page here.

All in all, I found this extension more fun than I was expecting. The only real downside of this extension is that you need to consciously remember to open up the panel to view your pets. While deep in coding, I found this harder said than done. As an improvement, I think it would be neat if the Pet penal would auto-open after say 30 mins of non-panel interactivity.

VScode-pets is free so you have nothing to lose from installing it and giving it a play. Happy Coding 🤘