If you decide that Umbraco Cloud is for you, first you need to sign up for a trial account.  After signing up to the 14-day trial, you'll be prompted to purchase a monthly subscription license.  To register your website, you will need to open your Umbraco web portal.  You have two ways to access the portal.

 When you signed up you should have been emailed this.


You can also get to it through the dashboard within your Umbraco project. umbraco_upgrading_cloud_license_2

In the dashboard, you'll see a big 'You are in your trial period' warning.  Click on the 'Upgrade project now' button.


Fill in your details.  If you're a fan of this website and want to help support it, if you enter in 10308 during your checkout in the field Purchase order / Uaas Reference number', as shown above, I'll get a referral bonus.  This website now has over 500 posts all for free.  

This site costs me $50 a month, so any help to reclaim that is greatly appreciated! Umbraco cloud only costs 24 Euros a month which is why I've started to recommend Umbraco Cloud for anyone wanting to start a personal project or a small to medium sized business website.  After purchasing your monthly subscription you're all set!