Umbraco packages are bits of software that can be uploaded into Umbraco to extend the functionality of your website. Umbraco has a great development community that develops and provides a number of really cool packages for free.

The aim of today's guide is to quickly teach anyone new to Umbraco, how to find Umbraco packages and then install one into your website. I'm going to use uSync as my example. If you haven't come across uSync and want to transform Umbraco data between servers then this is an essential plug-in. The easiest way to find packages IMHO is from Umbraco's website. You can view all the different packages, from the Umbraco Projects portal, here.

  1. Find Your Package. In my example, I'm going to install uSync, so I'll search for uSync.


After searching for fo uSync, you should see it in the search results:


When you click on the uSync link, you will be taken to the uSync homepage.


You can download the latest version of the package from the top of the page. If you have to work with an older version of Umbraco, then you may need to go to the download section at the bottom of the page and get the correct version for you. 2. After you have downloaded the package to your hard drive, log into your Umbraco back-end and go to the 'Developer' tab.


  1. Expand the 'Packages' link and click on 'Install local package' option.


From the install package screen, you need to upload the package you downloaded to your PC and agree to the T&C's and click 'Load Packages'


Accept the license and press 'Install Package'.

  1. job Done! Your package should now display in the 'Installed Packages' link.