In my last tutorial 'How To Back-Up Your Umbraco 7 Data Using uSync and Files' I talked about how you can back-up and sync your Umbraco document types and templates using uSync.  In today's guide, we're going to carry on with uSync but talk about how to sync your content as well.

uSync Content Edition

So, like most installations nowadays, head over to NuGet and search for uSync. you should see a package called 'uSync Content Edition' install that:


uSync Content edition requires uSync and it's included as part of the dependencies of the package so you don't need to do anything else. uSync content edition will export all your website's content to disk and import it again. . If you have read my post about Umbraco setting, available here, you can use uSync to sync important content pages between different servers and ensure your pages use the same Id's between installs.

Go into the Umbraco backend and go to the 'Developer' tab in the sections menu.


Go to the uSync content tab and you will see the screen above.  From here you can import and export your content.  When you import, the XML files will be stored in the 'Content' folder within a folder called 'USync' in your webroot


After that, you should be able to import and export your content.  As uSync Content edition replies on uSync you should also see the uSync tab in your developer's section.  From here you can enable features such as Read on Startup, Write on startup, Write on Saves and Watch the uSync folder for changes and import them immediately to configure your environment to suit your needs