In this tutorial, you will learn how to overcome any issue installing the MemberListView plug-in for Umbraco. MemberListView is a package written for Umbraco 7 that will allow you to export and more easily manage member data stored within Umbraco. I bumped into a lot of issues installing this package. In this guide, you will learn how to overcome these hurdles.

I installed MemberListView via Nuget, however, a number of things did not either install or register correctly. The first error I encountered was within the Umbraco backend. This error flashed up in red:

The URL returned a 404 (not found): Backoffice/MemberManager/MemberApi/GetMembers

The cause of this error was due to some of the files not installing correctly. If you encounter the same issue, I advise checking these things:

  • Within App_Plugins a folder called MemberManager exists
  • Within the bin folder an assembly called MemberListView.dll exists. If not add a reference to the assembly within packages\MemberListView.1.5.2\lib\net472

After doing these things its a good idea to flush the ClientDependency cache. You can do this within 'ClientDependency.config'. You will want to incrementally increase version by one.

After installing MemberListView I was still seeing an error in the logs:

This error is caused if you have a mismatch of System.Net.Http. You can fix this issue using NuGet:

To further improve the plug-in, within 'config' -> 'Dashboardonfig' a section called 'MemberManagerDashboardSection' exists. To improve the experience for the content editors (by saving them a click) you can delete the 'StartupMemberDashboardSection'. Within everything installed correctly, within the web.config ensure the correct binding re-direct exists:

Job Done!