In this content editors guide, you will learn how to move a page within the Episerver editor so it can live under a different parent node. This series of posts will teach a content editor everything they need in order to master the Episerver editor. You can move pages within the CMS from within the content tree located within the navigation panel.

How To Move A Page In The Episerver Editor 1

In the Navigation Panel, find the page you want to move, click on it and hold the mouse until the page is highlighted in green. You will need to drag the page to the area within the CMS where you want to move it. Keep the mouse button pressed down while moving content, otherwise you might move the pages somewhere else by accident.

When moving pages, you may also bump into a permission issue that will block you within Episerver. It is possible to restrict the CMS, to only allow certain page types to be created in special designated areas. For example, you might have a news hub page, which only allows news items to be created underneath it. Episerver will also prevent you from dragging/moving content in invalid areas!

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