Finding good inspiration to help you write better code and better applications can be tough. It does not matter if you are just starting out and you are looking for some inspiration to help you learn to code, or, you are some coding god who is just looking to find fresh ideas, finding good content that you find genuinely interesting can be tough.

No one wants to have an inbox filled with unread newsletters that are sent straight to the trash. No one wants their Instagram feed ruined with pictures that add no value. We have enough digital noise in our lives already, why add more junk to Twitter than you need to!

The goal of finding good quality content was the inspiration for this post. In this article, I have curated a list of some programming influencers that I think will add value to your digital lives. This list covers a range of influencers in different medians ranging from Twitter, YouTube, Newsletters, Twitch and good old content. Topics, ranging from React, C#, right the way through to the design patterns and architecture. The list contains something for everyone who likes code. To make it on the list, the person has to have at least 10k followers on something and they have to be actively generating content that I think is cool, simples 😊

1. Scott Hanselman

Why Follow? Scott works at Microsoft and anyone who works in the .NET space will have likely heard of Scott before. Scott produces one of the most listened to software development Podcasts with a range of guests that cover all topics. Scott publishes regular YouTube videos, as well as talks at conferences. On top of that, he has been publishing two blog posts every week since 2002. As a content creator, I can appreciate how tough that is!

πŸ‘‰ Website πŸ“ Podcast πŸ“ Twitter (262.5K followers πŸ“ YouTube

2. Robin Wieruch

Why Follow? Robin is now of the most well known and established writers on all things React. Robin has written a React book which I have read and can recommend for anyone who wants to start off with JavaScript

πŸ‘‰ Website πŸ“ Twitter (17.3K Followers) πŸ“ Github ( 6.1k Followers)

3. Martin Fowler

Why Follow? Author of some great books on software architecture and refactoring. One of the worlds most followed programmers on Twitter. International public speaker on software development, you can find some great talks of Marting on YouTube.

πŸ‘‰ Twitter (317.6K Followers) πŸ“ Website

4. Cassidy Williams

Why Follow? Cassidy publishes lots of useful and interesting content. She currently works at Netlify and has done a great video tutorial on Next.JS which I highly recommend, available here. I also recommend the podcast episode which Cassidy Williams on Dreams and Disasters in 2020 she appears on.

πŸ‘‰ Website πŸ“ Newsletter πŸ“Twitter (157K Followers) πŸ“ GitHub (8.8K Followers)

5. Dylan BeattieΒ 

Why Follow? Dylan did one of the most-watched YouTube conference videos in The Art Of Code. With watches over 2 million times its is worth a watch!!! There's No Such Thing As Plain Text with Dylan Beattie.

πŸ‘‰ Website πŸ“Twitter (11k Followers) πŸ“ GitHub

6. Laura Medalia

is Why? Laura is a programmer from NYC on Instagram influencer with out 75K followers.

πŸ‘‰ Website πŸ“ Instagram (73K followers)

7. Maximilian SchwarzmΓΌller

Why? Udemy creator of 30 courses, Max creates easy to follow Udemy courses that will help you to become a frontend expert.

πŸ‘‰ Twitter (39.9K Followers) πŸ“ Website

8. Rich Harris

Why? Creator of Svelte a Javascript compiler that this writer particularly likes. One of the most starred new languages on GitHub in 2020.

πŸ‘‰ Twitter (40.4K Followers) πŸ“ GitHub (47.3k Followers)

9. Estefannie

Why? Estefannie is a software engineer, designer and electrical engineer. Creates cool content on YouTube and Instagram

πŸ‘‰ Instagram (65k Followers) πŸ“ Website πŸ“ Twitter πŸ“ YouTube

10. Brandy Morgan

Why? Brandy is a coder,entrepreneur and freelancer ⚑️ She creates content in YouTube,

πŸ‘‰ Instagram (57k Followers) πŸ“ Website πŸ“ YouTube 10k

11. Colby Fayock

Why Follow? Colby produces a lot of content on his website, Youtube and Twitch. he publishes a weekly newsletter which is great. Colby does a weekly Twitch, called the Colbyashi Maru where people are given an impossible task to complete within an hour and the series looks at how they tackle it first. and do some live coding.

πŸ‘‰ YouTube (6.44K Followers) πŸ“ Twitch πŸ“ Website and Newsletter

13. Jon Jones

Why? I am not sure I would be classed as an influencer, however, a little self-promotion never hurts 😊 Why follow me? I release weekly content on CMS, programming and generally anything that takes my fancy πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

Where To Follow:

πŸ‘‰ Website πŸ“YouTube πŸ“ GitHub πŸ“ GitHub (playground) πŸ“ Twitter πŸ“ Newsletter

Happy Coding 🀘