In this article, I share my most-watched YouTube channels for software development and programming. 2021 definitely feels like YouTube is dominating life, YouTube boasts over two billion users who combined watch one billion hours of YouTube videos every day. These is some pretty impressive stats, seeing YouTube was only founded in February 2005. It is hard to imagine a time without YouTube now!

When it comes to learning about how to code, my advice to anyone new or veteran is to pick the thing that works for you. Some people learn through reading, some through watching others, some are more practical and like to start a project and learn how they get on. In terms of programming, there is a lot of great content for software developers. Want to learn Javascript, C#, GO, frontend development, then YouTube has you covered.

Whenever you are just starting out with software development or you simply want to improve your programming skills within a certain area, you will need the right resources. In this article, I will share with you over 30 YoutTube channels that I personally watch. All these channels will help you to level up your skills. Sound good?

Channel: JonDJones


I think it is only fair to start by plugging my own channel 😉 My channel is all about programming and web development for beginners and experienced devs. There are videos here using JavaScript, C#. Want to be a legend... Subscribe now!

Link: JonDJones

Channel: TechLead


Ex-Google/ex-Facebook tech lead, multi-millionaire app entrepreneur, digital nomad traveler, software engineer. ☕️ 👌

Link: TechLead

Channel: Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman works for Microsoft as Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools. Scott is a developer, blogger, and podcaster of Microsoft fame. Scott's channel is one of my personal favorite channels and I recommend it.

Link: Scott Hanselman

Channel: Mayuko


Mayuko Inoue is a content creator and Software Engineer. Mayuko was an iOS Engineer who used to work in Silicon Valley for companies like Intuit, and Netflix. Nowadays Mayuko solely focuses on content creation and productivity ideas for developers!

Link: Mayuko

Channel: Dev Ed


Ed produces fun vide on front-end web development. Ed has videos on web design, CSS, HTML, 3D modeling, and much more. Learn without getting bored!

Link: Dev Ed

Channel: Pusher

Pusher YouTube

Collection of video from conferences that have been held all over London. I have been to many of these talks and there are some great videos here.


Channel: Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer is focused on helping software developers, programmers and other IT professionals improve their careers and live better lives. Simple programmer is focused on people and interpersonal skills, rather than the technical aspect of software development.

Link: Simple Programmer


LearnCode produces videos on website design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Layouts, Responsive Design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Docker, Dev Ops!!!! So basically lots and lots!


Channel: Andy Sterkowitz

Andy Sterkowitz

Andys videos are target towards developers who are trying to self-teaching themselves how to code.

Link: Andy Sterkowitz

Channel: Derek Banas

Derek Banas

Derek creates videos on pretty much all things programming. His videos range from Python, C++, Java, PHP to even topics like trigonometry and after-effects!

Link: Derek Banas

Channel: Gyasi Linje

Gyasi Linje

Gyasi posts weekly tech and lifestyle videos. Gyasi has only been a professional coder for about 2 years. He shared his stories and ideas on front-end web development.

Link: Gyasi Linje

Channel: Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier

This is the official YouTube channel for CSS-Tricks, a web design community curated by Chris Coyier.

Link: Chris Coyier

Channel: Jake Wright

Jake Wright

Jake vlogged his whole experience while studying computer science. Since graduating, he now vlogs on tech and his career at working at Monzo.

Link: Jake Wright

Channel: The Coding Train

The Coding Train

The coding train has videos on subjects ranging from the basics of programming languages like JavaScript to algorithmic art, machine learning, simulation, generative poetry, and more.

Link: The Coding Train

Channel: DevTips


DevTips is a weekly show for developers who want to learn about programming 🖖. Hosted by Andrew - a long-time community member, bug buster, and designer 💖. DevTips covers topics such as javascript, design, and react. The channel is not as active in 2021, however, the back catalogue is good!

Link: DevTips